The English Drama Workshop presents:


Till Death Do Us Part:

A categorical resolution that binds people together for life - or so they think.
But is it really always mutual love that campels us to take the vows or are there other reasons?
It it mere convenience? Is it the desire for security?
Is it the grass that's always greener on the other side?
Or is it what we think our position in society requires of us?
How can we be sure, especially if we confuse chance with destiny? And even if it is true love can we ever be certain it will last? It is a life sentence after all.
Our initial resolution might force us to look for some rather drastic solution to a union

- till death do us part

In A FABLE by Robert Fox a young man's proposal to a young girl comes rather a surprise while they are travelling together on a subway train. She is pretty, he has a promising job with the prospect of a car and a spacious house. All the ingredients for a lifetime's bandage anyone could ask for are sufficiently covered - or are they?

What can you do if your beloved does not return your feelings of passionate and desperate love? Well, fortunately there are always "well-meaning" old men that offer potion as a CHASER (by John Collier).

Finally, Penelope and Camilla's marriages represent the solidity of their London brick house. But how safe are houses?
A SLIGHT ACCIDENT (by James Saunders) happens and language is limited. Penelope discovers that marital harmony is too high a price to pay, for a lack of real communication - a lesson Camilla and Rodger still have to learn.

Tickets avail. Z.-Mensa, 12 p.m. - 2.p.m.
Premiere: August 17 1999 (Tuesday)
Further performances, beginning at 8 p.m.:
Thursday Aug. 19 1999
Friday Aug. 20 1999
Saturday Aug. 21 1999
Tuesday Aug. 24 1999
Thursday Aug. 26 1999
Friday Aug. 27 1999
Saturday Aug. 28 1999

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