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Comedy of Errors

A bit more lighthearted than last year, the University of Göttingen's English Drama Workshop is back on stage. You now have the opportunity of enjoying the beautiful acting you are used to see in the ThOP, with the additional delight of experiencing Shakespeare's own, poetic language and dramatic genius come to life!

We invite you all to leave books, work, and stress behind and join us for an evening filled with witty and slapstick humor, heart warming romance, and thought-provoking questions about lack, loss, and discovery of self and social identity. Yes, all this is contained in Shakespeare's early masterpiece whose central characters are two sets of twins that are separated from each other, coincidentally end up in the same town, and constantly get mistaken for their brother, by the other people in town (including one's wife, her sister, merchants, madmen and prostitutes, and even by one another): The Comedy of Errors!

Regie: Arne Pohlmeyer

Aufführungen im ThOP
jeweils 20.15 Uhr
Premiere: 13. April 1999 (Dienstag)
Weitere Aufführungen:
Donnerstag15. April 1999
Freitag16. April 1999
Sonnabend17. April 1999
Sonntag18. April 1999, 15.00 Uhr
Dienstag20. April 1999
Mittwoch21. April 1999
Freitag23. April 1999
Sonnabend24. April 1999
Sonntag25. April 1999

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