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the trick is to keep breathing

How does one cope with the loss of a beloved person? The varied reactions to this negative experience have a huge range: Joy Stone, for instance, has a really hard time simply to last while she is waiting for things to get better after her lover's death. The counter-productive "help" of shallow therapists, anti-depressanta and obnoxious friends steers her close to the verge of insanity. Don and Janette, on the other hand, were married for ages, ending it with a very ugly separation. Coincidently meeting 20 years later for the first time, their feelings still seem to be raw - they abuse each other as anything from child molester to concentration camp doctor. Or finally, Melissa and Andrew whose relationship throughout their lives is conducted mostly by writing letters. Only after her death does Andrew realise the full extent of his feeling for eccentric and sharptongued Melissa.
Bereavement, the feeling after the death of or the separation from a beloved person might feel as if an organ is ripped out of your body, might leave you feeling dysfunctional, crippled, desperate, suicidal, resentful or isolated. But then, it might just as well lead you to selfknowledge, it might force you to come to honest terms with yourself.
The Trick is to Keep Breathing is an approach to portray life as a constant wave between love and loss, between hope and bereavement. In the fashion of an assemblage the play contrasts and interweaves fates and situations of people living places and different times. The literary basis for the production are texts from such authors as Janice Galloway (Scotland), Joe Pintauro, A.R. Gurney and Tennessee Williams (U.S.).

Directed by: Maja Mann and Lars Schüler

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at 8 p.m.
may 20, 22, 23, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30

The actors:
The Trick is to Keep Breathing
MarianneUlla Schütte
JoySusanne Grosse
Health VisitorMiriam Seibold
Dr. SteadArne Pohlmeier
Mrs. PeachWiebke Ahrlich
ReverendGeorg Düsel
TonyOliver Kellenberger
Love Letters
AndrewMarkus Stock
MelissaKatrin Hempel
Rules of Love
PriestClemens Kaiser
WomanWiebke Ahrlich
Rosen's Son
EddieOliver Kellenberger
Mr. RosenGeorg Düsel
HarrisonArne Pohlmeier
Fur Hat
JanetteSusi Bausch
DonClemens Kaiser
Glass Menagerie
JimGeorg Düsel
LauraJulia Lerch
AmandaMiriam Seibold

Behind the scenes:
Sound & Lightning DesignBrigitta Hüttmann
 Lars Schüler
 Maja Mann
 Markus Piccio
 Dirk Böther
Hair & Make-UpBerret Stegemann
 Birgit Dünow
 Natalie Burford
Poster DesignMatthias Pestel
 Birgit Dünow
Program DesignRoland Großmann
 Wiebke Ahrlich
Production PhotographerBirgit Dünow
Financial ManagerOliver Kellenberger
Language CoachingSusi Bausch
 Ingo Herzke
Directed byLars Schüler
 Maja Mann

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